‘Patriotic Thoughts’ © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘Patriotic Thoughts’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Ireland… Mother Ireland, I despair of those in power.
Unfree… from that captured corner, thy children call.
Shall… ye someday be rid of thy shackles? Yes.
Never… will those that served thee be forgotten.
Be… it another century of waiting, we will persist.
At… all times we shall strive for that yearned for unity.
Peace… and freedom will come to thy beloved soil.

Ireland… long centuries have passed and still ye wait.
Unfree… is a tag thy children should not wear.
Shall… ye weep with joy on that blessed day of freedom? Yes.
Never… shall ye be abandoned by your children? Never.
Be… patient with us. Wipe the tears that stain thy ancient face
At… the time of opportunity, to you, we shall deliver justice.
Peace… and the joys of freedom shall dance across thy valleys.

Ireland… Mother of my blood and owner of my soul,
Unfree… is a word that is the scourge of liberty.
Shall… we ever cast it away to embrace our freedom? Yes.
Never… when there is willingness shall we lack determination.
Be… assured that those who misrepresent thee will fall.
At … the waking of your people you will see the stranger banished.
Peace… will reign, unity will embrace thee and thou shalt savour the day.

‘Ireland Unfree Shall Never Be At Peace’…. –Pádraig Pearse. Rest In Peace.


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