‘An Honest Opinion’ © Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

‘An Honest Opinion’
© Joe Canning 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Why fear I for Ireland’s people?
List’ and I’ll tell you my friends.
Of revisionists, liars and traitors,
corruptions by government men.

The judges in billionaires pockets
contemptible in their own courts,
bankers and fat cats that live lives of kings,
whilst our young leave in droves from our ports.

Dispossessed laughed at by rich men
That auction lost houses at sales,
That laugh all the way to the thieves in their banks,
when in truth they should rot in our jails.

Teachers that fail their professions,
spinning their governments lies,
knowing they’re failing the pupil
and that silence will keep them employed.

Leaders that suck up to despots,
posing in suits on posh steps,
all gathering somewhere out foreign
and plan to keep us in our place.

Our army just sit on their arses,
watching events of the day,
Oh for a man who will lead them,
and chase these impostors away.

What I fear will happen to Ireland,
when these devils are given free reign?
People will follow like sheep that they are
and return them to power once again.

They’ll tell you that their way is better,
assure you they’re up to the task,
as they sit in their limousines, chauffeured,
with smiles on their hypocrite masks.

They’ll stand in the cold streets of Dublin,
commemorate that Easter day,
and when they have finished their tissue of lies
they’ll laugh as they’re driven away.

‘Tis time for all sensible people
to flee from their brainwashing pasts,
expel all the leeches that bleed them
in the name of our heroes long passed.


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