The Tuatha Dé Danann

CORANN was the best of the harpers of the household of the Dagda. He was harper to Diancecht. With his harp, he called to Cailcheir one of the swine of Debrann. The pig ran northward with all the strength of its legs, and the champions of Connacht followed after it with all their strength of running, and their hounds with them, till they got as far as Ceis Corain, and they gave it up there, all except Niall that went on the track of the swine till he found it in the oak-wood of Tarba, and then it made away over the plain of Aí, and through a lake. And Niall and his hound were drowned in following it through the lake. And the Dagda gave Corann a great tract of land for doing his harping so well.

Image: Jenny Dolmen Illustration


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