1920 – Kilmichael ambush. The west Cork unit of the IRA, under Tom Barry, ambushed a patrol of 18 Auxiliaries at Kilmicheal in Co Cork, killing 17 of them (1 survived).

Just one week after Bloody Sunday an IRA column of 36 men under the command of Tom Barry kills seventeen members of the RIC Auxiliary division in a well-planned ambush at Kilmichael, Co. Cork. Three IRA men were killed in what was not just a grievous blow to British authorities but a huge psychological fillip for the Irish rebels. It was the largest loss of life for British forces in Ireland in a single incident until the Warrenpoint Bombing some fifty-nine years later.

Some days after the Kilmichael ambush, British authorities introduced martial law to parts of Ireland.

Tom Barry on the Kilmichael Ambush: http://youtu.be/x998_xo7e9s

Photo: Tom Barry and The Boys of Kilmichael circa 1966



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