1882 – ‘Phoenix Park murders’ – The assassination of the British chief secretary of Ireland, Lord Frederick Cavendish, and his under secretary, T.H. Burke. Both are stabbed to death as they walk in Dublin’s Phoenix Park by members of a nationalist secret society, the “Invincibles”.

Assassination of the newly appointed Chief Secretary of Ireland Lord Frederick Cavendish and his under secretary T.H. Burke. The chief secretary had arrived in Dublin only that day and was walking in the city’s Phoenix Park in the evening when set upon by members of a nationalist secret society, the Invincibles.

The event occurred just after Charles Stewart Parnell, leader of the Irish Home Rule Party in the British House of Commons, was released from prison. Parnell spoke out loudly against the murders which shocked English society and received very little support in Ireland. One of the leaders of the Invincibles James Carter turned States evidence which resulted in convictions and the hanging of five of the gang.

Photo: Papal Cross, Phoenix Park, Dublin



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