‘Plea from a Dying Mother’ © By Joe Canning 2014. All Rights Reserved.

‘Plea from a Dying Mother’
© By Joe Canning 2014. All Rights Reserved.

The lady raised her weary head, the balding priest his missal read,
prepared for mourning, widows knelt by candles.
She whispered in her young sons ear, “my lad there’s nothing for you here,
take flight as soon as you have laid me down”.
“I go to God with open arms, I’ve raised you good, to strong young man,
as strong and proud and strapping as your father”
His ear went to her whispering lips, she fumbled for his fingertips,
then clasped his hand with hers, as cold as stone.

A trickling tear ran down her cheek, soft parting words she then did speak,
as struggled she with fading breaths of life.
“Don’t speak!”, he cried, “sweet mother dear”. “Be hushed! my son, my time is near,
fetch me my trinket box from yonder table”.
The boy obeyed, fetched rusting tin, with Holy medal, Claddagh ring,
and fist of clay from fertile field of Galway.
“Within this box my darling boy, are simple things that brought me joy,
all gifts of love from your transported father”.

She struggled on in whisper tones, not long now for the mortal world,
she asked a favour and these words did say:
“My boy when you were but a child, in this fine land a million died,
but son the Lord was kind to you and I”.
Your father Pat you hardly knew, in chains he left when you were two,
my lad they told me, he did not survive”.
“Take this little piece of clay to that place called Botany Bay,
Oh! kneel and say an ‘Ave’ there for me,
Find the grave of Pat O’Neill in that penal colony,
Take this little piece of Erin there for me.

Friends of Ireland!

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Irish Holocaust – Not Famine. The Push to educate in facts.

We can now prove beyond doubt that more food than was required to feed the Irish people during the period (1845-1850), was exported out of Irish ports under armed guard.

This is not a petition of Acrimony, Discord or Hate, this is a petition for Truth!

Please sign with your family, and ask your friends and their families to consider.

In Proud and Loving memory of our Forefathers, and the Truth that our Children Deserve.


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