‘The Blights of the Round Table’ © By Joe Canning 2014. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Blights of the Round Table’
© By Joe Canning 2014. All Rights Reserved.

They thought themselves all gentlemen,
when sat round Cabinet table,
they held the lives of millions in their hands.
That band of Whigs, that vipers nest,
the vanquished Irish did detest,
Who planned a starving nation to devour.
John Russell pounded table to agreements of “hear! hear!”
from the likes of patronising Nassau Senior.
Senior, he that uttered once, said that, “A million’s not enough”,
referring to a poor and dwindling people.
Agreed with too by Palmerston, that leased the coffin ships at whim,
transported beaten people without care.
He of promises and lies, deceiving tales of better lives,
When truth was far Quebec and more despair.
The hypocrite they called George Grey,
Home secretary in Lord Russell’s day,
his cure for Ireland’s woes was, “Day of prayer”.
Supportive too, Fitzmaurice clown,
disgraceful Marquess of Lansdowne,
that cleared the land without a hint of conscience.
“Hear! hear!” cried too, cruel Charles Wood,
that wouldn’t heed the surgeons words,
when told that fever kills the hungry man.
The brave Earl Grey, he of the plan,
that shipped the children from the land,
young girls abroad he sent for impregnation.
Insisting that Australia pay, for orphan girls that come their way,
exposed them then to lives of indignation.
They thought themselves all gentlemen,
but truth comes from the honest pen,
when scoundrels vanish in the mists of time.

Photo: “The Unstemmed Exodus” (Irish World, 10 March 1877). Ireland is a damsel in distress lamenting the dual afflictions of mass migration and mortality that have affected Ireland since the Great Hunger (1845-1852).

Friends of Ireland!

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Irish Holocaust – Not Famine. The Push to educate in facts.

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In Proud and Loving memory of our Forefathers, and the Truth that our Children Deserve.




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