#OTD in Irish History – 25 January:

1356 – The 1st Earl of Desmond, Maurice FitzThomas, dies; Kildare is his replacement as justiciar.

1533 – Henry VIII of England, Lord of Ireland and self declared King of Ireland (1541) secretly marries his second wife Anne Boleyn.

1627 – Robert Boyle, physicist, chemist and alchemist, is born in Lismore, Co. Waterford.

1777 – The Earl of Buckinghamshire, who eventually conceded free trade and some relief from the Penal Laws to Catholics and Dissenters, is sworn in as lord lieutenant.

1806 -Painter and illustrator Daniel Maclise is born in Cork.

1831 – Edmund Hogan, Jesuit and scholar, is born in Cork.

1877 – Canon Patrick Murphy and the alcohol free 1916 Rising in Wexford.

1923 – One Free State soldier and one Anti-Treaty fighter are killed in two separate skirmishes in Kerry.

1924 – Charles McCarthy, trade unionist, is born in Cork.

1924 – Tomás Mac Giolla, republican and socialist, and later, Workers’ Party leader, is born near Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

1998 – The Irish Seaspray plant in Lettermore, Co. Galway is extensively damaged after two explosions rip through the facility and start a major fire.

1999 – The Government descends into chaos over allegations that European Commissioner Pádraig Flynn received a donation of £50,000 ten years ago and that the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, knew about it.

1999 – Ireland’s first day centre for refugees is opened in Dublin by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

2001 – The new Northern Ireland Secretary, Dr. John Reid, pledges to carry forward the Good Friday Agreement.

2001 – Thousands gather in Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh for the funerals of rally champion Bertie Fisher and two of his children, Emma, and Mark – also a renowned driver.





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