1831 – Edmund Hogan, Jesuit and scholar, is born in Cork.

Edmund Hogan S.J. (25 January 1831 – 26 November 1917) was a Jesuit scholar.

Edmund Ignatius Hogan was born in Cork on 25 January 1831. He joined Society of Jesus and was educated at Jesuit college, Rome. He lectured on Irish language and history at University College Dublin, and was Todd Professor (Celtic) at the Royal Irish Academy.

His works include Distinguished Irishmen of the 16th Century (1894), the Irish Phrase Book (1899) and Onomasticon Goedelicum: An Index to Irish Names of Places and Tribes (1910), a standard reference based on the research of John O’Donovan, The Irish Wolfhound, A Description of Ireland in 1598 and Chronological list of the Irish members of the Society of Jesus, 1550-1814; he also contributed to the editing and compilation of other works in his field.



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