1992 – Seven Protestant constructions workers at a security base in Co. Tyrone are killed by an IRA bomb. The driver of their bus also dies.

An IRA bomb kills eight Protestant builders on their way to work at an Army base near Teebane, County Tyrone. The IRA justification was the workers were “collaborating” with “the forces of occupation. The horrible tragedy also elicited a major PR gaffe by Northern Ireland Secretary of State Peter Brooke. That evening, following the atrocity, Brooke appeared on The Late Late Show, Dublin and Ireland’s most popular talk show. After condemning the dreadful attack, he then at the invitation of host Gay Byrne sang his favorite song My Darling Clementine, an effort for which he received much criticism and enraged Unionist politicians. Despite this political gaffe, Brooke had made strenuous efforts to move the peace process along. Brooke later revealed that he had offered his resignation over the matter which at the time was not accepted. He was removed as Secretary of State later in the year.

As with much of what happened in Northern Ireland, a terrible vengeance was wreaked. On 5th February, Loyalist gunmen opened fire in a bookie (betting) shop in Belfast killing five Catholics.

Read more on the Teebane Massacre: http://saoirse32.wordpress.com/tag/teebane-massacre/



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