1964 – The Campaign for Social Justice (CSJ) is formed.

Campaign for Social Justice (CSJ) was an organisation based in Northern Ireland which campaigned for civil rights in the country. The Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland was inaugurated on 17 January, 1964. It was, according to their founding statement, for: “The purpose of bringing the light of publicity to bear on the discrimination which exists in our community against the Catholic section of that community representing more than one-third of the total population.” On 24 August 1968 the CSJ, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA), and other groups, held the first ‘civil rights march’ in Northern Ireland from Coalisland to Dungannon, in County Tyrone. Loyalists organised a counter demonstration in an effort to get the march banned and in fact the rally was officially banned. Despite this the march took place and passed off without incident. The publicity surrounding the march encouraged other protesting groups to form branches of NICRA.


Photo: Dr. Conn and Mrs. Patricia McCluskey of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, were founders of the Campaign for Social Justice in N. Ireland.


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