1941 – Germany Bombs Dublin.

German bombers drop f bombs in Dublin and other parts of the country. It was one of only a limited number of times, neutral Ireland was bombed.

Around 6am on 2 January 1941, two bombs were dropped in Rathdown Park, Terenure. The first bomb, which dropped behind the houses at the corner of Rathdown Park and Rathfarnham Road, landed in soft ground and created a large crater but caused little other damage. The second landed behind the houses at 25 and 27 Rathdown Park, destroying both and damaging many neighbouring houses. Two other bombs were dropped on the corner of Lavarna Grove and Fortfield Road, close to the Kimmage Crossroads (KCR). Lavarna Grove was still under construction at this time and the bomb fell on undeveloped ground with the nearby houses at nos. 25 and 27 Lavarna Grove suffering the worst damage. Only one person was slightly injured, and there was no loss of life.

There is no clear rationale why the bombs were dropped. The greatest loss of life occurred on May 31, 1941 when at least twenty-eight people died as a result of bombing in the North Strand area of Dublin.


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