1920 – Cork Bishop Threatens IRA with Excommunication.

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Cork, Daniel Colahan, issued a decree saying that “anyone within the diocese of Cork who organises or takes part in ambushes or murder or attempted murder shall be excommunicated”.

He also says that the crimes of the Government of Ireland are infinitely greater than the crimes of a private military organisation. His censure was ill-received by his Catholic flock who saw at least two priests Canon Thomas J. Magner and Father Michael Griffin in Co. Galway killed by rampaging British troops. (It is odd that he should issue this statement on the day after the burning of Cork city centre by the Auxies but it was probably in preparation since Kilmichael.)

Cork went on to become one of the most violent counties during the War of Independence. Proud Corkmen like to reference their county as the “Rebel County.”



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