2006 – Staff at an equestrian centre in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, return to the workplace prior to a planned Christmas party – and discover Gus, a newly-arrived camel from Morocco, had munched through 200 mince pies and cans of Guinness.

There’s nothing worse than having your Christmas party ruined by some guy named Gus who drinks all the beer and eats all the food but in this case, Gus is a camel and this did NOT happen in the Middle East or North Africa.

It happened in Ireland where a Christmas Party was ruined after Gus, the camel, ate all the food and drank the beer.

Gus sneaked out of his stable while staff at his equestrian center were getting changed for the big night, according to news media reports.

Gus scarfed down 200 mince pies and 150 sandwiches before downing seven cans of Guinness, which he reportedly cracked open with his teeth.

Staff at the Mullinger Equestrian Centre in Westmeath came back to find the place looking like a “chimpanzee’s tea party”.

Center owner Robert Fagan said: “We’re going to reschedule the Christmas party for next Tuesday but next time Gus is going to be properly locked up.”



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