1920 – Two IRA volunteers were killed by British forces in Ardee, County Louth.

Seán O’Carroll, a native of Celbridge in Co. Kildare who had moved to Belfast at a young age and found himself here in Ardee, County Louth, where he was teaching Gaeilge and Patrick Tierney, a local man rooted in the Ardee community.

In November 1920 Seán O’Carroll was 25; Patrick Tierney was 26.

Reading reports on their lives it was clear that they were relatively ordinary young men enjoying the same pastimes as their peers. But, they were different in one respect – they were IRA volunteers, having recognised the injustice perpetrated on their country by foreign occupation they decided they were going to do something about it. That is what made them heroes.

On the evening of 30th November British forces murdered both men, in separate instances, here in the town of Ardee.



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