Dry Stone Walls of Ireland

Stone walls are one of Ireland’s most distinctive landscape features and it is estimated that the Irish countryside is a patchwork of over 250,000 miles of stone wall.

The dry stone walls are mortarless and are made by carefully selecting stones that will balance and ‘sit’ into the wall as they are built. To date the oldest known example of dry stone walls in Ireland are at the ‘The Ceide Fields’.

The stone walls of Inis Óirr and the Aran Islands, in general, are really are of the most impressive and peculiar sights on Inis Óirr. The miles and miles of stone walls define the farmers fields on the Aran Islands. The criss-cross of stone walls collectively add up to thousands of miles. The best place to gain a real perspective on the extent of the stone walls is by walking/cycling to the southern end of the island where you see nothing but stone walls, or a great over head view can be gained from O’Brien’s Castle.

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